Prepare for the holiday season. Even if your Wrap Up Senders holiday programs have already begun, it’s still not too late to follow these deliverability best practices. Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Holiday Email Marketing in 2021 as well. It’s full of useful tips for marketers who will be ramping up their email output for the next couple of months.

Engage with your audience with honesty

And, as always, make sure to  respect and clear communication. Do those things, and you’ll make it through this season just fine. 4 Steps To Improve Email Deliverability Campaign Monitor – Jan 6, 2022Many marketers think improving email deliverability starts and ends with great content. And, while great content is essential to growing your newsletter, it won’t Philippines phone number data matter how great the writing is if your subscribers never see it. Deliverability is the universal struggle among marketing teams; you can get so many things right when developing your marketing content and still struggle to get it in front of your audience. In fact, according to Demand Metric, 30% of email marketers cite deliverability as their primary challenge, and 67% report inbox placement rates of 89% or less.

Improving email deliverability

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The good news is, unlike some channels that are constantly changing requirements (*cough* Facebook *cough*),  comes down to a few consistent elements. We’ll save the discussion on Facebook ad delivery nightmares for someone else and just get to what we know best: email marketing. Protect your sender reputation. In the world of email, your reputation truly does precede you. Email inbox providers will automatically mark your email as spam if you don’t have a strong sender reputation.

Protecting your sender reputation

According to Statista of marketing emails is foundational to improving deliverability. But how, exactly, do you do this? Check the reputation of your IP address. Therefore, Your IP address Betting Email List is a set of numbers that identifies all emails that come from your domain. Email providers recognize “safe” and “unsafe” emails based on the historical context of your IP address and domain reputation.

According to Demand Metric
Therefore, Why is this important? open rates of 16% or more increased by 27% among email marketers who actively monitor their sender reputation. servers have historically seen “bad” mail come from your IP address, they may blacklist your domain and send it straight to spam. Therefore, If they’ve seen only “good” mail come from your IP address, it most likely will arrive safely in the recipient’s primary inbox. If they’ve never seen your IP address, their default is to distrust it and likely send it to spam as well. To prevent your emails from ending up in the spam folder, first, check to see if your domain or IP address is blacklisted.

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