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By gsskq Aug28,2023
When you’re creating new email content on the daily, it’s easy to lose sight of your creativity. That’s why we’ve compiled 15 of the best of the best newsletter examples to reference when your brand needs a boost. These newsletter examples are more than eye candy — they contain valuable tricks of the trade and proven tactics that work.
Use these 15 newsletter examples as inspiration for your next send.15 of the best email newsletter examples we’ve ever seen1. General Assembly General Assembly offers educational courses, workshops, and boot camps in topics like coding, digital marketing, analytics, user experience (UX) design, and software engineering. Their newsletter provides valuable dates and allows users to RSVP to upcoming events and workshops, and they do it in a very minimalistic fashion, even breaking down dates on a per-week level with a section called “This Week’s Events. “Why it works General Assembly’s email newsletter example is effective for two reasons: (1) it offers up a wealth of upcoming content and (2) keeps that content simply organized.
At a glance, you can quickly see what long-term courses and after-work panels are available to you at the click of a button. This kind of email newsletter works best with an engaged audience who is further in the conversion funnel — they’re actively looking for courses, webinars, boot camps, and workshops from GA.2. Penguin Random Houseware you creating one newsletter and sending it to all of your subscribers? Take a page out of the Penguin Random House playbook and send more personalized newsletters. Based on the information that you collect from your subscribers, you can segment your list and provide personalized content. A personalized send shows people content that’s relevant to their interests. After all, you wouldn’t market sci-fi to a romance novel enthusiast, or vice versa. But how does the publisher know which books the subscriber likes? In this case, Penguin Random House sent the subscriber a link to a preference center to select the most appealing book genres. Using that information, all of the newsletters that this subscriber gets are now customized. Why it works This email newsletter example illustrates why customization pays off. Before doing a mass send, remember that personalized emails get 6x the transaction rates. Penguin Random House’s email example also highlights multiple book genres and, by encouraging subscribers to update their reading preferences, increases the lifetime value of their subscriber base. When you’re trying to please everyone, you ultimately please no one. That’s why customization can be so powerful; it makes everyone on your list feel heard and paid attention to.3. The Mos. Top 10SEO giant Mos. sends out a semimonthly email newsletter to share 10 of valuable, recent articles about search engine optimization and digital marketing. Even better, they don’t stick strictly to their own content, choosing to curate the best they can for their readers. These kinds of roundups can be relatively low-lift for businesses to put together — for example, you can throw a Google Alert on a trending topic or relevant keyword to make compiling your top 5 or top 10 easy. Newsletter example from Moz. Source Why it works Top 10 email features simple, no-frill design elements. It’s content-driven yet concise, and each article — whether they’re demystifying Google’s latest algorithm updates or diving into voice search — gets a 1-2 sentence tag to grab readers.

By gsskq

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