If your company has an exciting announcement planned for next week. That Tells Prospects you  what to expect from an upcoming email. Choosing the right medium can improve the customer experience. The way people interact with emails versus text messages is different, and respecting this can improve the consumer experience. Think about it: When was the last time you opened an “urgent”

email right when you got it?

Unless it was from your boss, we’re guessing never. How about saving a text message because you wanted to read the link later? Customers don’t want to miss important information. They’ll be glad to receive anything that’s immediately actionable Switzerland phone number data via text. Likewise, they’ll thank you for keeping the long-form content in emails, where they can engage with it on their own time. Plan your first combined email and SMS marketing campaign today Before other companies get onboard with combined email and SMS marketing, launch a campaign, and you’ll achieve uninterrupted access to your customers’ attention — no matter where they are.

Efforts will also reap valuable SMS marketing

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Data to guide your campaigns in the years to come.Between conversational marketing and rich communication services (RCS), the future of SMS will offer even more ways for companies to connect with and sell to customers. By 2025, text message marketing is estimated to become a $12.6 billion industry. That’s not a figure any business can afford to miss out on. It’s time to make sure your marketing strategy accounts for the popularity of mobile phones and ever-changing consumer preferences. The email platform for agencies The email platform for agencies We started out helping agencies with email, so let us help you.

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Nurturing relationships with your customers
Your email newsletter is one of your most powerful marketing channels. Between sharing news, making announcements and  newsletters can be molded into just about anything. While other marketing tactics go out of vogue, it begs the question: why have newsletters stood the test of time? Well, newsletters keep subscribers informed about your business or product without being overly “salesy.” They give subscribers the agency to engage with your business on their terms. But there’s one condition…your email newsletter content needs to stay fresh, competitive, and original to keep readers from hitting that dreaded “Unsubscribe” button.

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