CASE STUDY Discover from 30k to 100k in less than a year. Learn how That said, since engagement is the most weighted factor for deliverability, it’s essential for marketers to put user engagement and subscriber experience at the front and center of their marketing strategies. It’s also important—particularly in this season of heavy sending—to monitor your delivery and engagement metrics for each MBP regularly.

Having issues reaching any particular inboxes

This way, you’ll know if you’re. How does iOS 15 affect email deliverability? In September 2021, Apple released iOS 15 to the public, and with it, a new privacy feature called Mail Privacy Protection. We’ve gone deep into detail on MPP here, but the quick summary of the feature is this: MPP obscures senders’ ability to track open rates, meaning the future of  Oman phone number data  open rates, and the use of this metric to measure success, is changing in real-time. This feature caused a huge stir in the email world (and understandably so!). Since its announcement earlier in the summer, marketers have been preparing for MPP and its effects on email. That said, we’re still learning how deeply the effects of this feature are going to play out.
Though iOS 15 has been available for a couple of months now, adoption is still relatively low.

MPP will have on this holiday season

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That being the case, it’s difficult to predict what impact, if any Even if adoption was higher, it’s important to remember that, just because a user opts into MPP, doesn’t mean MBPs will treat incoming emails differently. In a real sense, deliverability has not changed with the release of Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection. What it does mean, though, is that you’ll have to change the way you view engagement when monitoring your delivery and engagement metrics. MBPs still use the same signals to determine how to filter incoming emails. And senders still need to comply with email rules and follow best practices. To stay on top of your deliverability this holiday season, make sure you do the following: Get clear opt-in when collecting your list.

Sending to a fully opted-in list

Which, in turn, shows more positive user activity to the MBP. Manage and segment your lists. Sending to active subscribers means more engagement and more inbox placement. Sending to an old and unused list means lower open rates, higher bounce rates, and Betting Email List more spam complaints—all of which are negative signals to the MBP. Focus on list hygiene. Permission to send emails isn’t evergreen, and monitoring list hygiene is an ongoing process. If a subset of a list has poor engagement metrics, consider trying to re-engage that particular group. And if that doesn’t work, feel free to say goodbye to the dormant contacts altogether.

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