While the channel packs serious potential for improving engagement and conversion rates. SMS Marketing Tips there are certain things you need to get right to win at SMS marketing. One of them is SMS copywriting. There’s a lot more that goes into copywriting for SMS marketing than simply keeping your texts short and sweet. And it’s not like marketers have a choice in this matter; the character limit for a single text is only 160!

Use one idea per message

Every day, mobile phones buzz with notifications of messages sent from businesses competing to get their customers’ attention. SMS Marketing Tips This excess of ads, emails China phone number data and of course, text messages, is resulting in information overload. According to research by Frontiers, customers have a hard time making decisions when there’s too much information to process.

Research by the Technical University

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Denmark suggests that the constant exposure to content is narrowing our collective attention span. In the context of SMS copywriting, that means you should limit every text to just one idea. Make sure that your message revolves around a single promotion or product and has one call to action (CTA). Always proofread your copy to ensure you’re not cramming in multiple ideas, promotions, or CTAs in your text before sending it out. The text keeps the copy limited to its special offer for National Fast Food Day (promotion) and has a single link leading to the app store (CTA).

Give a positive reason to take action

Focus your SMS text message on a positive reason for using your product or service. Emphasize a key benefit or incentive that the customer will enjoy by taking the Betting Email List desired action. That’s important because people understand positive statements 30% to 40% faster than negative ones. Over time, your customers will begin to form a positive sentiment toward your brand, which, in turn, will likely result in positive responses.

Tell the customer what they’ll gain

By reacting quickly instead of what they’ll lose if you’re running an SMS marketing campaign to promote a limited-time offer. Suppose you’re promoting a summer sale that will end soon. Here’s a good example of how you should tell your customers about it

Use simple and clear language

You’re not alone if the above sentence made your eyes itch. While using such short SMS lingo with unusual abbreviations — known as “textese” — gives you more room, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will understand what you’re trying to say. Your target audience is more likely to understand textese if it consists of just millennials and/or zoomers since they’re more digitally connected than other generations. And even those customer groups may misinterpret your messages, as not all textese is universal and is constantly evolving.

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