Plan their path With powerful segmentation

Easily create customized journeys for your subscribers. Learn More If you have a new IP address with little to no sending reputation. Build it up by slowly increasing the number of emails sent from it. Start by sending emails to your most engaged subscribers who will drive up the open rate, signaling the email provider .

Sending a large number of emails

it’s “good” mail — like to your entire email list — from a “cold” IP address will likely get flag as spam. It also might get you blacklist before you get start. Put authentication protocols in place Another way to make sure. Your domain isn’t compromise  Laos phone number data  is to require that anyone sending an email on behalf. Your domain show “credentials” to the email provider. A Domain-base Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is a DNS protocol that protects a domain from unauthorized use (i.e., phishing emails and email spoofing). The DMARC protects the domain by giving specific instructions to the email provider.

email provider will check two sources

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About allowable use of the sending domain. When an email is sent, — Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and Domain Keys Identify Mail (DKIM) — in the DMARC to verify legitimacy and decide if it belongs in the primary inbox. Therefore, quarantine, or spam folder. SPF: An SPF tells the email provider which IP addresses and hostnames are allowed to send emails from a domain.

DKIM: DKIM is an encrypted

Digital signature that tells the receiving inbox provider what an authentic email from this domain should include. For example, all emails from XYZ domain should include a header with this text, that logo, and these body paragraphs. If an email doesn’t include  Betting Email List  these elements, the authentication “key” won’t match. The inbox provider will then refer to the DMARC protocol to decide if it goes into the spam folder or is blocked altogether. Therefore, Maintain email list hygiene It doesn’t matter if you have a massive email list if most of those emails are bouncing or not opened.

receiving server’s Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

When bounce rates increase and engagement metrics go down, it signals you’re not actively maintaining your list or sending engaging content. Therefore, And your emails will likely get sent to the spam folder when the server receives these signals. Maintaining an email list and promoting long-term growth requires proactively pruning and managing your list.

Routinely review your list for unengaged

Therefore, Subscribers and invalid emails According to Statista, 2%-4% of marketing emails go undelivered each month, which means your engagement rates are tanking partially due to emails that never even see the recipients. We get it; no one wants to cut their list down. However, by removing addresses that hard bounce (i.e., are permanently undeliverable) and subscribers who are unengaged, you’ll increase your open rate and long-term email deliverability rate.

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