We have previously explored the many different English accents that are heard in England and around the world. From cockney to Canadian, English accents vary greatly and imbue the English language with a special quality. New and Adopted English Accents MLEMost English accents are readily identifiable and easy to define. But as with all aspects of New and Adopted . English Accents language . accents change over time and are subjected to a variety of influences. You are probably aware New and .  Adopted English Accents that languages evolve .  But did you know that entirely new English accents have appeared very recently. 

Multicultural London English

Linguists have identified a new accent that has emerged in London over the last thirty years. It is known as Multicultural London English (MLE) and may also be referred to as Blockney or Blinglish. MLE is sometimes referred to as Jafaican because . there is a mistaken belief that the accent  has evolved solely due to the influence of Caribbean immigrants. English Country Email List Accents Multicultural London EnglishMLE originated in East .  London and particularly in the boroughs of Tower Hamlets and Hackney. But the accent is now spreading across the capital, and is most often heard amongst young, working-class English speakers from ethnic minority communities.

What are the features of MLE

There are several notable features of the MLE accent. The “th” sound as in the words this and that is pronounced as a “d” and is pronounced as an “f” in the words things and thinking. In addition, the vowel sound found in words such as boat and float is pronounced in Betting Email List a similar way to the vowel sound in the word taught. Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the MLE accent is the single position, slightly front sound of the “I” (/ai/) in words such as price and like. Please watch the video below as it provides excellent examples of the use of this distinctive vowel sound.

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