We have spoken in several publications in Líderes de Marketing en LATAM. About Inbound Marketing and how it has  the digital marketing sector. In case you don’t know what it is, I invite you to read the following contents. How an Inbound Marketing agency in Mexico can guarantee ROI and growth. What is the current situation of Inbound Marketing in Mexico. Inbound Marketing has differentiate itself from other digital marketing tactics primarily for three reasons. Focus on valuable content, as oppose to invasive advertising messages. Use of non-invasive digital marketing channels such as social networks or SEO. (Search Engine Optimization). Implementation under a methodology that has been successful in thousands of companies worldwide that allows measuring the exact ROI. 

The commercial team to close the clamp

And if we are critics, this trend in a theoretical framework makes perfect sense, but, Is it really always successful. And the answer not only for Inbound Marketing, but for any communication or marketing strategy. Is that there are key factors that will Country Email List determine the success of the strategy. In this post I will focus on the four key factors for successful implementation. Imagen Blog-Inbound Marketing Strategies The Inbound Marketing Team Of course, the team is the most important thing. In another article we talk about the importance of selecting the right agency and the best way to do it. The best Inbound Marketing agencies in Mexico However. It is not only about choosing the right agency, but also having the correct internal structure. So that the agency can do its job in the best way. We have also had experiences with companies that one month are selling a solution, but the next month.

Content distribution: the most important thing?

In my experience as a consultant, most marketing projects that fail in companies. (in conjunction with an agency) are due to lack of alignment. Some of the most common cases are: The point of contact between the agency and the client. Has no internal incentives Betting Email List to carry out the work effectively. Working with an agency means more work for this person and instead of perceiving the project positively. They end up suffering from it. We recommend choosing a point of contact who has enough time and incentive to manage the relationship. Approvals on materials are eternal due to extreme perfectionism about content. And it doesn’t mean that we don’t look for content, but there always has to be a balance to be able to be fast and find results as soon as possible. Constant changes in the team structure. 

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