This is where you will install the WordPress platform. Next up is your domain name. This is the identity of your blog. It’s the virtual address of your blog on the web (the URL). Some form of payment is required for these two essentials. Just keep in mind that these The Sendin Blue  are recurring monthly or yearly payments, so make sure to budget accordingly.And lastly you’ll need about fifteen (15) minutes of your time to install the WordPress script and customize the blog with a new theme and a couple of plugins Can’t wait to get started.

The right web hosting for your WordPress blog

Provided you know what you are doing, installing or rather launching a self-hosted blog should take Country Email List less than fifteen minutes. It’s easy-peasy work and anybody can do it. If you’re excited and ready to launch your first blog, let’s get the timers ticking and get this The Sendin Blue over and done with. Enjoy and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments, we always look forward to your feedback. First things first, let’s look at what you will need. You will need a web hosting package. A self-hosted WordPress blog unlike a free blog ( requires a web server.

Choosing the Perfect WordPress Hosting

Lorem ipsum dolor sit .The first time I installed a WordPress blog, I nearly pulled out my hair. The process was easy to follow, but every time I got to the end, I would get Bettinge Maillist an error, and like many other errors, it never said what was wrong. Later after checking with my The Sendin Blue web host and making a lot of noise over the matter, they informed me some stray dog ate my file. So I renamed the affected file and whoa, I installed my first WordPress blog ever. It was nothing big. Heck, who I’m I kidding? The feeling of achievement that came with that first installation was like no other.

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