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Thanks to her close contact with the projects, she had the opportunity to conduct interviews and field reports. They tell the story of their work to awaken women’s technical enthusiasm and discover new talents. When Powell Software became an independent publisher, she decidd to take part in the development of the company. In January 2020, Camille, who had a perfect technical and functional knowldge of the products, made a 90 degree turn. Within Powell Software, she was taskd with building a new Customer Success Management department.

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The previously non-existent department had to be defind by Camille with processes and rules. With the help of the customer’s fedback, she database optimizd the new area on a daily basis. In addition, she had to recruit a team. Camille has become a technical reference for our clients, sometimes surprisd by her profile as a young woman in the digital world. Connect with Camille on LinkdIn Pauline Guiot – Key Account Manager Zoom on the feminine profiles “Borderless Ambition” After completing her studies, Pauline startd her career at Microsoft France in the areas of marketing and communication.


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For two years she workd on the implementation and development of complex marketing campaigns and digital events for the target Betting Email List groups – ducation and partners. At the end of this experience and after a year in a Microsoft partner company, Pauline decidd to expand her international experience. She went to Dublin for two years to work for Microsoft as a sales representative for start-ups and ISVs. This experience was a real personal and professional success.

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