How to use exclude words, because that’s what we’re talking about here? Staying in the gastronomic climate, the Mamma Mia restaurant should exclude the word film in order not to collect notifications about the 2008 romantic comey and, for obvious reasons, the word Abba. This time I put them in one window and separate them with a comma. For our tool, this means that none of the indicate exclude words can appear in the found entry together with the keyword. 3. Block unwante sites There may be times when your keyword appears frequently on a particular page, but in quite the wrong context. You can’t preict the other words that will come along with it, and fortunately, you don’t have to.

The automotive industry

For such situations, – you can block a specific website or social meia author. This is a clear signal for the tool – mentions from these places are of no interest to you. 4. Use filters If you have many products and would like to monitor each of them, you don’t have to use the entire keyword limit for this (you can keep them to check, for example, your competition database or campaign). How to optimally follow discussions about each of your products in this situation? Create a generic design with your brand name, then filter the collecte results accordingly. What could this look like in practice? This will be well illustrate by the example of . Let’s take a Volkswagen? The keywords could indicate the name of the brand in different cases. In this way, the monitoring will detect all mentions about her.


Detail statistics on mentions

Internet users can write, for example: I have a Betting Email List Volkswagen, I love driving a Volkswagen, etc. To find entries about specific car models, simply filter them. The filters will give you detaile information about each product. In Brand24, you can use them in the Results section to discover specific entries or in the Analysis section to get for each model. As you can see, even if you want to monitor a word that can occur in different contexts, you don’t have to worry about collecting a lot of irrelevant mentions.

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