What do customers think of Mailchimp?

By gsskq Jan30,2024

Customer reviews of Mailchimp features! Mailchimp is the leading email marketing platform ! Appearing in 2001, it quickly gained popularity. Today, it has more than 11 million users around the world. That said, although it is used by almost all businesses, customer reviews are not entirely positive about the performance of this platform. Indeed, Mailchimp offers a set of features and services to complement email campaigns . Among these features, we find: the CRM service; the creation of landing pages; creating dynamic emails; A/B testing. What services are most appreciated by customers? Let’s start with positive notes! Indeed.

The majority of customers find

That the services offered by Mailchimp are very well thought out, moreover, in terms of fluidity, there is nothing to say! The way to use the features is very clear, and bugs are very rare. Moreover, this is why it has become the essential tool for managing Telegram Number Database customers and emailing campaigns. Furthermore, what marketers appreciate most is the dynamic side of emails as well as the ease of creating them. Indeed, on this platform, users have the possibility of creating emails with several CTAs, using the Drag and Drop method. A simple, quick and effective method! What services are least appreciated by customers? Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the platform’s CRM service . In fact, they criticize the lack of compatibility of this service with certain internal software used by companies. Customer reviews on Mailchimp prices! If you go to the Mailchimp platform, you can find several offers presented at different prices. In fact, the difference between each offer depends on the number of email addresses existing on your contact list. In fact, users who wish to target 2,000 customers can carry out their email campaign for free . On the other hand, beyond 2,000 people.

All campaigns are paid.

Telegram Number Database

Furthermore, if you choose other offers, the subscription price varies greatly. Concretely, there is no fixed price, it Bettinge Maillist varies  depending on the number of emails sent. Conclusion, your monthly bill risks increasing drastically. Moreover, it is this pricing method that has made many customers reluctant to use this platform. Customer reviews of Mailchimp customer service! If we talked about the features and prices, we had to take stock of the platform’s customer service . Well, know that the majority of customers are dissatisfied with this service. For what ? Well, this is due to the non-responsiveness of the staff. Indeed, in the event of a problem with the platform, customers find it difficult to get answers. This can be very restrictive, especially if the company has spent a large budget on campaigns organized on this platform.

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