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Competitive products with stable ranking and weight of new products launched within 3 months We can find all the newly launched products in this category through Amazon’s New Releases list, and the new products that match this list have risen rapidly in a short period of time, and they also have a certain number of keywords. The keywords are likely to be keywords with good opportunities. Most of them are relatively good traffic words, and we can definitely learn from them.

Frequently bought together

The underlying logic of keywords being included is that the product link to this keyword has a certain amount of clicks and orders, so that it can be Email List included by Amazon. Then you can see that these keywords in the picture prove that this competing product ¬†has a certain amount of clicks and conversions for these keywords. And there are gray and blue parts: The Make it a bundle section is set up by the ¬† seller in the Amazon backend to bundle the product with related or complementary products and display them together on the product’s Listing details page.

Two products A and B are purchased

The traffic analysis and word reverse search here both belong to the category of keyword reverse search. Traffic analysis is similar to version 2.0 of keyword reverse search. You can see more specifically how much traffic this keyword brings to competing products and also have accurate keyword ranking  Betting Email List information. Next are the details of the product traffic words, including the type of keywords, the proportion of traffic brought to this link, and the ranking position of the keywords.

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