If you have worked within notoriously difficult industries like gambling, adult entertainment or pharmaceuticals in the past, you might well be able to demand a higher salary because of it. This can be down to the perception of difficulty in marketing within these industries. Tip 2: Promote your prior experience in – and out of – similar roles Your years of experience in a role might feel like an obvious bargaining chip when negotiating salary. However, don’t forget that an employer might also benefit from the knowledge and experience you gained outside of the role you are applying for. Just because your prior job titles may not have sounded similar to the role you are negotiating now doesn’t mean the skills you learned there aren’t directly relevant. Review your CV and compare it to the role you are applying for. Pick out the elements in your work history that match the ad.

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Look beyond the obvious and consider transferable skills like communication, problem-solving and stakeholder management. Dig deeper: 13 essential  Tip 3. Highlight extra skills DB to Data outside of your job specification. Also, think about the skills that you have acquired. Over the years that might not. Be listed in the job description, but you imagine. Will be critical for success in the role anyway. This can be particularly useful if you are more junior in. Tour career and lack directly relevant experience in similar roles. Consider what you learned through volunteering roles or your first weekend and summer jobs.

Be familiar with the industry

DB to Data

They might be a million miles away from the marketing industry, but chances are you will have learned lessons through them that can put you in good stead Bettinge Maillist for your current career. Know what is realistic It’s one thing to know your worth in terms of the skills and experience you can bring to a company, it’s another to value that in the employment market accurately. Unfortunately, salaries are capped by what employers are willing to pay their staff. Tip 4:  benchmarks Do some research when considering your salary.

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