new domain without requir extra effort from the webmaster. This is a conversation on Twitter. Outlin his situation d sought advice from John Mueller A few weeks ago we mov a small website to a new domain. We also use a chge of address tool for this purpose. Yet despite all efforts the old page still appears. that we indicate rirects to new addresses from these pages. The swer to whether this mes we ne to mually clear all old pages on the server so that they eventually disappear from Google’s results is a no-brainer. Never use tools to delete pages dur resource migration.

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These tools do not affect complice d certainly do not spe up the migration from the old address to the new one. But us them will cut off your traffic. The best rirect from the previous migration is nam. Take Control of Your Website Promotion Fix the bugs that are prevent your website from reach the top Mexico Telegram Data d you’ll see increase in traffic d revenue. Go to the website d subscribe to stay up to date with the latest news d fresh material. Author ov If you un the site or register a new one in swer: I wt to buy a domain name d get a new design for the website.

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Do you think I should start immiately?Design or start design later swer Kirill Chekin Now Google just add a feature to chge the old domain name to a new one swer it swer Misha Atinov you Pages c be delet but not immiately but gradually over time. The writ is still very clear. swers How to set up lazy load USA Telegram Number of images Lazy load of images Which websites require lazy load of images Which browsers support lazy load d how to implement this feature on your website. Articles What is image lazy load Which websites ne to implement lazy load How to configure lazy load of images on your website Plugins for sett lazy load How to check whether lazy load is effective My websites use lazy or other methods to lazy load images.

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