In the meantime. Were multiplying. Really were. And. With them. Software and apps multiplie. But also sources of distraction and addiction. Digital has amplifie the opportunities. But also the dangers. Dissocial is the webinar create specifically for those who work with meia devices and the internet for those who deal with social networks because they use them. Or because they are parents or eucators of children who are registere on instagram. Snapchat. Tiktok. Subscribe references and case histories below is a list of the organizations where the webinar was presente dissocial inside the network.

Eucational center for minors

 Without getting entangle. Next to each item. We also indicate the ways in which the training course was presente. The recipients. And any explanatory notes C Level Contact List parents and children. Connecte generations . Project sponsore by the municipality of arona no – inperson interventions deicate to parents and eucation professionals. The project then evolve into dissocial – inside the network without getting entangle. Celeste eucational community for minors. Omegna vb. Course delivere online to community guests. municipality of arona no. Inperson meetings deicate to children.

Close knit brothers who are passionate

 At the invitation of eucators. Webinar eition – delivere online to a group of parents and professionals. Alice and feerico authors and teachers of the course she Betting Email List is a doctor in peagogy and a phd student at the university of turin . He is a doctor of modern literature and a digital professional .  about their fields of study . They know what it means to be children. Teenagers. Adults. Because they have share a good part of these moments of growth.

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