Showing Google snipped tools and search results and Google Plus image: Step 1: Log in to your account by going to and create an account if you do not have one. Step 2: If you have a WordPress-based site, we add a writer with plugins. (I recommend Google Seo Author Snippet). Therefore, Step 3: We link to our Google + profile somewhere on the home page of our site. Step 5: We verify authorship by going to and typing our registered e-mail address on the website we want to verify. Therefore, After verifying my authorship, I started appearing in search results with images within a week. Be sure to read! Best Ecommerce Software for SEO In the future, you may receive an e-mail from Google like this.


After this process

We click on the verification link sent to Belgium Telegram Number Data our e-mail address and complete the process. google-profile-linking Step 6: Finally, we check whether our image appears in the preview by entering the google search consoleĀ  . If our picture is displayed, there is no problem. google-authorship-query As seen in the image, Google already gives you the message that authorship attribution works for this web page, letting you know that you have done the right thing. After completing these steps, you wait patiently for Google to crawl your site and display you as an image in the results.

Telegram Number Data

Welcome to Google Authorship

google logo lone You’re receiving this email Brazil Telegram Number because you’ve added Content Ownership on Google to mark your pages. This is a one-time notification. We will not contact you regarding this issue from now on. You have created your Google Authorship account. This means a link to your profile and photo will now appear next to your content in search results. Your authorship information will look something like this: photos. By Celil Can (around 20 Google. Here, a relevant snippet from the page appears. The citation depends on the user’s search terms. Did you know? Signing up for Google. Authorship means you can now find out how often your pages appear in Google search results.

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