Stores are especially popular during the Christmas season. You escape the hustle and bustle of the city and can do all your Christmas shopping from the comfort of your own home. But which online store do users use to make purchases. on the products offer. but on the other hand. it also depends on how easy it is to find the use of various online stores and social mia channels. Attracting potential customers and building the so-call online reach is only possible if the store is easy to find and social networks are us in a target manner.

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In order to analyze the different online Indonesia Mobile Database stores.  have develop and us the (Online Reach Index. It determines the coverage of the online store on the Internet. To do this. we perform an analysis of the presence of the website. . and . as well as the channel of the store. In general. it can be said that online stores with higher index values ​​reach more people and fans through the Internet than poorly performing stores. Below you can find the online stores with the highest online coverage right now and you will be surpris how ten popular online stores compare. Achiev the greatest reach online to date. primarily through increas use of social mia channels.

We at the German Marketing Institute

Other stores are far less powerful on social Betting Email List networks.  expert. Regular. well-optimiz posts and high engagement across different channels lead to countless followers and subscribers. This store deserves the number one spot in our ranking. Otto was second surprisingly ahead of Zalando. The site stands out with a wide range of offerings and in this way communicates with a lot of people. In addition. it is extremely findable through various keywords on the web. and its website is convincing in every way. The company has set a clear focus. as % of its total online reach is generat through the website. While everyone is talking. it hasn’t had the expect reach online. Partly because the online stores are not as strong.

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