Schneider Electric recently announced the release of its DERMS – Distributed Energy Resource Management System. The company states that the Product Announcement: Schneider new energy landscape is becoming more decarbonized, more decentralized and more digitalized. Electricity consumers are seeking more control over their energy future and are driving the growing presence of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs). This growth is disrupting utility operations, planning and the industry overall. Schneider Electric offers DERMS in hopes to assist in managing this disruption.

DERMS models DER assets

Calculates hosting capacity, monitors activity, forecasts future state, optimizes control, and enables new services. Optimization for  all DER assetsDERMS provides  centralized analysis and control of all types of DER, regardless of ownership entity, to deliver value to the France WhatsApp Number Data grid and all energy stakeholders. As the DER landscape evolves, DERMS enables utilities to orchestrate distributed generation and deliver electricity while improving the safety, reliability and quality of service. Schneider Electric says that a centralized approach also delivers visibility into aggregated and individual.

DER activity, at system and local levels

Empowering operations and planning to optimize DER resources to resolve immediate issues and prevent future grid constraint violations. Flexible Turkey WhatsApp Number List and sustainable solution Designed for flexibility and scalability,DERMS supports small, proof-of-concept projects to full-scale deployment rollouts that require both direct device control and integration with third-party aggregators. As the adoption of DER continues to expand, coordination between transmission system operators and distribution system operators will become increasingly important. DERMS delivers flexibility to manage all types, sizes and ownership of DER.

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