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E-commerce can advance even more effectively in VK Advertising: new business verticals have become available in the Commerce Center that take into account the features of travel services, and in advertisements it has become possible to conveniently select dynamic content for display. Flights and hotels: new business verticals for product catalog advertising In the Commerce Center of VK Advertising, a business using product fees for promotion can conveniently create and eit catalogs of goods and services, manage the assortment, and view dynamic advertising event statistics.

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Catalogs in the Commerce Center are create taking into account the specifics of product fees by industry – just select the desire vertical and upload the fee. Four business verticals are available for promotion: goods, cars, real estate and whatsapp mobile number list services. Now the functionality of the Commerce Center allows you to conveniently work with fees and those who are engage in the online promotion of hotels and air tickets . Product and service catalogs can use parameters.  That are important for these types of businesses. Such as the brand and location of the hotel or the time of flight departure.

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Dynamic content in advertising catalogs of goods and services. Product catalog advertising allows online stores, marketplaces, classifiers and aggregators to attract.  New customers and return users to the site or application. The main advantage Betting Email List of product campaigns is the creation of ads base.  On product catalog data (fee) for each product or service. Now advertisers can conveniently select the desire parameters for display – the name of the manufacturer of. The product or its model, the cost at a discount or the initial one. This can be done at the stage of creating an ad in the. Card title”, “Card description” and “Banner description” fields. The selecte content will be dynamically applie to all advertise catalog items.

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