Coming up with strong ideas. Creating a content marketing strategy without looking like a creepy sales hole. Remembering all of the techniques you learn on Copy blogger. Getting to work consistently. Anyone who tells you writing a good blog post is supposed to be easy … is delusional or trying to con you. If you find content marketing difficult, consider that boring people don’t wrestle with creative expression. There’s never a shortage of dull blog post ideas created by bored writers to drive mediocre results. You, on the other hand, are a content marketing Mandalorian. If you’re not familiar with Star Wars lore, Manda lorians are a cadre of single-minded elite warriors. One of whom is the protagonist of an ultra popular hit show on Disney.

Recognize That Self-Doubt Is Normal

On a quest he didn’t choose (again) while struggling with his raggedy ship and near-complete social isolation (again) and trying to reason with a charismatic green murder toddler (again). He is reminded by his fellow Manda lorians that: This is the Way. Hard work? Danger? Betrayal? This is the Way. If you’ve decided to write content that’s actually worth reading, your version might include creative dry spells, imposter Industry Email List syndrome, and the struggle to find the right balance between audience and business needs. But here’s the thing. Sometimes fictional Mando actually does make things harder on himself than they need to be. And you probably do, too.

Capture Your Ideas

So here are three ways that a content marketing Mandalorian can keep their standards high … without quite as many merciless Imperial assassins or giant spiders. Every so often, I’m reminded how often we solve our thorniest problems … and then promptly forget our brilliant solutions. Do yourself a favor and create a place where you’ll keep all of your genius insights, and be able to find them again when you need Bettinge Maillist them. These days I call this an Idea Garden. Hat tip to Charlie Gilkey for the term. I keep ideas for content in my creative journal. With the pages marked so I can find them again quickly and easily. I use a stripe of washi tape down the side of the page. But anything that’s highly visible will work.

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