Qutside the box.  research are on hand to answer any of your questions. In addition. you have the opportunity to communicate directly with participants on current topics and experiences as well as useful practical tips. We deliver all seminars. either as further training on our premises or as an in-house seminar at yours. Market Research Refresher Training What you can expect as part of your Market Research Refresher Training During the two-day Market Research Refresher Training you will learn all the methods and working.

Trainers experienc in the field of market

Techniques of modern market research. your Greece Mobile Database target group and make sound strategic decisions bas on this. By the end of the seminar. you will have gain proven practical knowlge and an in-depth understanding of modern market research tools. The seminar also covers the field of social mia market research and qualitative market research methods. Both experienc marketing managers and novices in marketing can benefit from our further training in market research. This further training will enable you to independently undertake smaller market research projects. while always keeping an eye on the big picture. You benefit from the market research training at a glance You will gain a comprehensive and compact understanding.

You will gain the tools to understand

All methods and tools of modern market Betting Email List research.  both as reference books and as reference books on specific issues. Through exercises. you will gain an initial link between theoretical knowlge and practical applicability during your training. Checklists and guides provide a brief overview of important decisions and tasks within the framework of a market research project. Exchange of experience with other marketers ensures going beyond the box open perspective. Due to the presence of experienc trainers with great practical knowlge. there is always the opportunity to ask specific questions.

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