Compy Service Prices in administrators do not indicate prices in order to avoid scar away customers. We believe it’s useful to filter out audiences who c’t afford your services or products. For example, a customer arrives at a restaurt without find a menu with prices list d finds that the prices are higher th expect.He will then either leave distraught d look for other place or he will stay d be visibly dissatisfi due to unreasonable expectations.

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Some users who are specifically look for a compy bas on price may prefer competitors with a specifi price rge because they don’t wt to make other phone call Belgium Telegram Data to find out your prices. Post’s features allow you to notify customers about promotions d share news through publications. d Publications section about the compy. Compy Publications Compy Information in Directory Post Preview By click on Preview you c open the post which will show the post date text d image. Share importt news about daily chges that will impact your customers’ engagement with the compy, promotions d new products.

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Add chat Chatt directly on the website will help

Post promotions on compy cards in the directory  you avoid los problematic customers. As soon as the user enters the card after the chat is connect, the system prompts him to talk to the mager. Talk to a compy on Chat with a compy How to create a chat with a compy In the compy card the Brazil Telegram Number option is call Chat with a compy In order to turn it on you ne to link the add-on service to the card. They trust more compies to thk them for positive reviews, respond to negative sentiments, d resolve issues. It seems like they really care about customer satisfaction.

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