Load properties c be set for tagg images d tagg mia. conditions: Automatically when the element enters the user’s view area by check the mobile device’s scroll or resize or orientation Perform this action on the element at the user’s request when a click or hover event occurs on the element. Lazy load c also be configur if by embd images. This is done by detect when the element is in the viewport d load the background image. Load of tags has noth to do with visibility d load takes a lot of guesswork so the browser first checks if it applies to the document d then requests the external resource.

Lazy load Previously you had to write special

Which browsers support code or use a separate library for this feature yway but now some browsers don’t require third party libraries. Lazy load will work even if it is disabl on the client side. Load is hdl start from version. Other browsers bas on . There is unresolv bug in sett lazy load. The attribute is not yet Philippines Telegram Data accept by all browsers but it c be us to extend the functionality of the page. Browsers that recognize lazy load will follow the lazy load instructions. will load the element normally. How to set up cross-browser lazy load. First, you ne to check whether the browser supports this attribute. For browsers that do not support native lazy load, you c use or third-party libraries to implement it.

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Browsers that don’t support this attribute

You c configure the library to be load only by browsers that do not support load. Images on the first view screen Images that should be visible immiately after the page loads should be Brazil Telegram Number describ us tags d assign attributes. If you use without the attribute the image will not be display. Images on other screens are lazy load. If the browser supports the lazy load attribute we will use it.

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