You c add multiple chat chnels so that the user c choose the place that is more convenient for him directly on the website or. The chat operator will be notifi about new chats with users by¬† on the chat page of the website. The operator has access to information about the user’s login source City Browser operat system d the history of his actions on the website. Pop-ups vary depend on the task. Pop-ups have three directions. Contact collection. Window for enter emails. Retention d loyalty improvement. Window information with promotional codes, referral links or advertisements.

The window is center in the lower right corner

You c use built-in statistics to track your productivity includ the number of emails read d links click. Interest themes Best email template designers d mail services Israel Telegram Data Integrates with d services You c automatically place code on popular d more. C be integrat with d . Price The price for us this service depends on the number of page views. The start price of the fork is USD per day d the end price is USD. The more views, the higher the price. The newsletter comes with one free email per month.

Telegram Number Data

Email Newsletter The service allows you to set up mass mails bas on a database

Jealousy Box The service includes eight products design to increase conversion rates d work with customers. All widgets are mobile-friendly. Call Back Users c order incom calls Mexico Telegram Number from the site through this window. The user enters a phone number d clicks Wait for the call service to automatically call the mager. Once the mager picks up the phone the service calls the customer d connects them. Order a callback callback window. Before connect with the customer, the service will indicate to the mager information about the visitor, area, name tag, etc. The record will be retain after the conversation. You c set the widget to display in the cities where your compy operates to avoid call non-target cities.

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