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Post by Elena Žimulina Tags or read further Which parts of the content Choose the job site to spe up downloads Comments Write a comment Katiha y month y Us lazy load is from the perspective of sav traffic, but from the perspective of Come on it will be a failure swer Elena Zhimulina why it fails to index such content swer Katiha because the index happens under certain requirements such as image size non-stdard graphics or no description at all swer grindcore fs top The plugin hasn’t been updat in years.

Content will only load when the user

Reply implements lazy load for two good reasons to keep users on the site. If your resource is us to display articles or provide various functionality you will Saudi Arabia Telegram Data typically ne to load the before execution. This increases download spes several times. In this case lazy load will play a key role in whether the visitor stays on the website or leaves the website because he thinks the website is not work. Or save internet traffic.  scrolls to it. This is relevt for users with weak networks or mobile internet d limit kilobytes.

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Chekin tell me what platform your site is on because

Overall there are advtages. Become very good. Thks. swer by Kirill Chekin A good option we should use it on the website Let’s see what the results will be swer by Natalia We have Ethiopia Telegram Number been us it for a long time Mobile traffic has increas Load spe is a lot faster th before swer by Ki Lil  there are a lot of comments d the final result is also different swer by Vasily Ivov Is it possible to delay load all content What program c I use to do this swer by Nikolay Dore jik you c use this tool swer seniel does yone have y idea how the site works after apply lazy load to the video in swer motop works well swer i am runn year month day other very importt point about is Optimization d compression of images on websites.

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