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Lead forms in VK Advertising are convenient and easy to customize for the tasks of a particular business: you can create a simple form with contact information or conduct a survey to get more information about a potential client. Also available in VK Advertising lead forms: choosing a color solution from ready-made templates; open and close questions with one or more answers; obligatory block with contacts; built-in agreement on the processing of personal data. You can also set up a convenient way to receive notifications about new leads.

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By email, in VK Messenger, or upload data from your advertising account in the form of a table yourself. How to run lead form ads Before launching a campaign, create a lead form in the special section “Lead Forms”. On the dashboard of the section, the status and statistics on the create lead forms are available, here you can eit them or send them phone number list to the archive. You can only create ads with active lead forms. 1 To run an ad, click “Create Campaign” and select the “Lead Form” ad object. 2 From the drop-down list, select the lead form that you plan to promote. There is only one target action available for lead form advertising – lead generation, it will be set automatically when you select the form.

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Determine your bidding strategy, ad budget, campaign dates, and targeting nees. 4 In the “Placement” block, specify where you want to broadcast the lead form ads – on Odnoklassniki. VKontakte, VK Clips, or on all available platforms at once. Then Betting Email List create ads. More information about working with lead forms and detaile instructions can be found in VK Advertising help . Use Preview to Improve Ad Performance Preview of ads launche using VK Advertising is available for applications and sites in Odnoklassniki and VKontakte December 19, 2022 In VK Ads, you can see how your ads will look on social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki and adjust creatives to achieve better results.

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