Group discussions have many advantages. Most of the difficulty lies in the moderation of the group and the possibility of lack of proper preparation. Other disadvantages include. Individual members can dominate the group. rucing knowlge acquisition. Due to societal expectations. participants’ answers may deviate from their true views. The evaluation of the material was time-consuming due to the large number of comments and contributions made by participants to the discussion. Due to the small number of cases.

They also have disadvantages

The representation is low. Advantages and Belarus Mobile Database of Application of Group Discussions Group discussions have proven their value in qualitative data collection. especially in gathering comprehensive information about the facts and asking for the individual opinions and attitudes of the target group. They are suitable. for example. for the following purposes. product testing. brand testing. advertising effectiveness research. customer satisfaction analysis. employee surveys. Cologne modern market research or online instant notifications Legend. still available. Only a few seats left! Sorry. it’s fully book. Panel Discussion at the German.

Disadvantages of Group Discussions Areas

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