A Lazy Content Creation System that Fits Quality Writing

If you’re dreading your content to-do list, you might be doing it the hard way. You’re about to learn my “lazy” approach to content marketing. It’s not totally lazy, of course. You’ll still work hard to create high-quality writing. But you’ll work smart. You’ll work lazy. Here’s the thing: Your content marketing plan shouldn’t be a marathon or a sprint. It should be a simple relay race. When you create content like you’re running a relay race, content marketing will become a habit, like brushing your teeth. Marathon content creation sessions aren’t smart. You need to find a large block of uninterrupted time to do them.

Content Creation Sprints Are a Disaster

Who’s got spare time lying around? (Not me!) During your single marathon session. You have to come up with a content topic, create an outline, and write a first draft. After your brain is worn out from all that work, you need to edit your content. The finish line is in sight! But you’re tired — so you’re blind to your content omissions, typos, and errors of logic. You work for hours and yet, you publish subpar content. Let’s say you don’t have much time but you absolutely Buy Bulk SMS Service must create a new piece of content. You decide to get your content done in a sprint session. You drink extra coffee, do some burpees next to your desk. Heart racing — you use your turbo-charged brain to bang out a first draft. Yes, you might get that draft done fast.

Creation System You Can Customize

But if you’re in a hurry to publish it, you’ll need to edit it quickly, too. Because you’re in a rush, you may miss super obvious errors. Your “helpful” readers will point out those mistakes to you when you email them a link to your new content. What’s the solution? I recommend you make your content marketing plan a part of your weekly routine. Make it a habit — not a task on your to-do list. Warning: What I’m about to teach you is simple. So simple that you may Bettinge Maillist resist trying it. Take it from the readers of my content marketing books — resist all you want. But once you try this lazy approach, you may never go back. This isn’t a marathon content marketing plan that leads to a tired brain and subpar content.

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