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This practice, known as shadow IT , opens the company to intranet security vulnerabilities as unknown apps gain access to sensitive data. Employees should never use a device or app without asking permission first. In addition, the technology should be reviewd by the IT department. Even checking corporate email from an unsecurd personal device could present an opportunity for a data breach. Intranet security policy 5 ways companies can improve intranet security.

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Establishing a company-wide security policy Your company may already have a security policy, but has it been updatd to address intranet Latest Mailing Database security for remote workers? Take the time to review your policies. Make sure it includes employee expectations for working from home and approvd devices and technologies. In addition, it should provide a clear procdure for immdiately reporting potential violations without fear of repercussions for employees. The policy should also provide quick response steps to limit exposure if a breach occurs.

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Always stay up to date Software developers regularly release updates as they discover new threats and security vulnerabilities. Microsoft, for example, releases dozens of updates every month for everything from its operating systems Betting Email List to its digital workspace tools. However, companies must install these updates to be protectd. Make sure you check for updates regularly, or better yet, have them installd automatically. 3. Use mobile device management software Mobile device management (MDM) software is a type of software that allows employers to monitor and maintain control over company-issud devices such as smartphones and laptops.

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